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With Muelle we wish to create an art-sharing platform, capable of evolving and extanding its content according to its expectations.
We want to give the possibility to artists to talk about their
projects and point out their uniqueness.

Here at Muelle, we love artistic practice but we also love to discover new artists and we propose opportunities to work together, like we do with Geograpix.
Being an artist is also helping each other just via the inspiration and the openness we share through our work.

One of our main goal is to promote an art accessible to all thanks to this website and our printed magazine, Muelle Magazine.
Take your time to discover all of this, and even
contribute to it if you are an artist yourself!

  • Muelle welcomes visual artists, mostly illustrators, animators but also fine-artists, designers, cartoonists etc. 

  • Instagram - Black Circle

List of artists contributing (big thanks to them !!):

Cécile Alvarez 

Henriette Artz

Julie Brouant

Genie Espinosa

Diego Estebo 

Gabrielle Delabarre

Jameson Griffiths

Sungmo Kang

Justin Laguff 

Marcelo Lavin

Hugo Le fur

Xavier Lissillour

Jean Mallard

Xiao Mei 

Ian Moore

Cinara Pisco

Arabella Simpson

Santiago Taberna

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