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In Geograpix, each artist taking part has to illustrate a place they are connected to. A city they have lived in, or travelled to or even dream about. A house, a bar, a room somewhere in which they shared a moment or a part of their life.


Geograpix takes you to an unexpected trip all around the world via art&chat.



Arriving on that compact arrangement of islands stacked with mountains late night - still lit by the long dusk - set the mood for the next weeks. The first nights I felt exhilarated and everything seemed surreal. 



"It’s a little szechuan style noodle place in Bristol. I love spicy food and my studio used to be pretty central so I used to eat here a lot."

-Ian Moore

geogaprix illustration cinara pisco magazine muelle cecile alvarez abassi

"I really thought my illustration would reflect this frustration I feel but, somehow, it doesn’t. I was thinking about the good times I had there and it shows, I suppose."

- Cinara Pisco


"It's the place where the beers are the cheapest in Paris (I'm serious) and above all, there is a mythic foosball table."

- Jean Mallard


"I love to visit bookshops but owners must have enough of me because I never buy anything."

- Gabrielle 



"Indeed, the tree was much smaller, but I remember climbing on it made me feel as if I was standing very high, even higher than all the other trees."

- Julie Brouant

geograpix taberna.jpg

"I wanted to make a sort of collage of things that happen on one day at the park, especially at this time of the year in autumn when it gets dark early but you’re aware it’s still 4 pm and people go about their lives anyway as if it were still daylight"

- Santiago Taberna


"I am looking for hope to be anywhere.
My creativity finds it and is heading there."

- Sungmo Kang


"I spent a lot of time there playing with LEGO and looking out the windows. From there you could see everything, even the cheap looking deck running off the shoreline"

- Justin LaGuff


"Just that floor covered by dead leaves... this struck me in the moment!"

- Hugo Le Fur

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